Welcome to NetKnowing 2.0 Learning Suite

Welcome to the Learning Suite of NetKnowing 2.0. It contains training courses and didactical materials and resources designed to help you incorporate Web 2.0 tools and services to increase your chances of acquiring and sharing informal learning in your daily professional activities. Depending on your user profile, you can access the different courses and services.

The course " How to acquire informal learning by using Web 2.0 and Networking” is a basic introductory level course, which aims to train entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, technical staff and managers of SMEs on how Web 2.0 technologies, social networking and collaborative practices can be used to understand how to acquire and share informal learning.

" The course ""How to implement informal learning strategies based on Web 2.0 in our company or organization"" Is an advanced level course developed for training in implementing Web 2.0 strategies and technologies, collaborative learning techniques and the principles of knowledge management, in order to convert daily work and the spontaneous activities of informal learning into corporate knowledge and training resource for companies and organizations. "

The Web 2.0 Toolbox is a toolbox resource that will facilitate access to information, demo versions, and social software manuals useful to support informal learning, both at personal and corporate level.

Trainer’s Area is a space that contains educational resources that teachers, tutors and training managers can use to prepare their training sessions, both for virtual and face to face delivery.

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